Two women’s act of courage to enter the Sabarimala Temple


Akanksha Aggarwal 

New Delhi: Sabarimala, a hindu temple in Kerela, did not permit the women devotees of menstruating age to pilgrimage there. But the Kerela high court judgement in 1991 legalized this interpretation. But in September 2018, a judgement of the Supreme Court of India was passed saying that , pilgrims regardless of gender, including women in the menstruating age group, should be allowed entrance to Sabarimala.
There are so many women who made attempts to enter the temple during their menstruation cycle. The age old tradition of not entering the shrine made the devotees revolt for the women who even tried to show the courage to enter the temple to offer the prayings.
Wednesday morning, before sun rise, two women named Bindu Ammini and Kanaka Durga made it a history by entering the temple. These two women have made it easy for other women to try on the same breaking all the notions. The 14-second video, was made on a mobile phone, shows the women with their faces covered with shawls They are now being kept under the high protection of state police as they are threatened for their lives.
Eminent space scientist G Madhavan Nair, who recently joined BJP, stated that entering the shrine in the midnight is an “act of cowardice”.

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