Two big units of India, Police force and CBI are seen against each other.


CBI was surrounded by Police force in Kolkata when CBI came to Commissioner Rajeev Kumar. Police resisted CBI from entering his house.

CBI was looking for Rajeev for a long time while he was untraceable. According to sources Rajeev was not attending office from 3 days. A senior police officer said that they may take some legal action against those who tried to defame the Kolkata Commissioner. A team of 40 members arrived at his house, but were unable to enter. 5 of them were arrested by Police of Kolkata and taken away for enquiry.

But, central government asked CRPF to give protection to the CBI members. And after that they 5 were rescued from hands of police. CRPF was then posted in front of CBI’s office to give them protection.

Soon after this, Mamta Banerjee arrived at Commissioner Rajeev Kumar’s residence, she stayed in his house for about an hour.

When she came out, she declared that she will now start a mutiny against Modi government.