Swine Flu spreads itself to Nation’s capital Delhi.


Health department directed all the hospitals in Delhi to keep up their supply of medicines, injections and other equipments as the swine flu cases are adding on day by day.

Swine flu cases have escalated to 617 in Delhi alone. As said by government no deaths have been occurred in Delhi till now.

A state-level meeting was held this month. After the meeting Delhi government stated that all the government hospitals are equipped with necessary arrangements to treat the virus of H1N1 flu. The N95, which filters 95% of very small particles from air, PPE(Personal Protective Equipments) kits and Oseltamivir drug are also provided by government hospitals.

Swine flu’s first breakout was reported in Rajasthan, where 49 people lost their lives within 20 days. And in 1233 cases, there came a positive test result.

People are suggested to wear a mask whenever you go out in a public place or any crowded area. And get a regular check up in order to detect the virus as early as possible.