‘Shakti’ asks for 50% tickets for women candidates in the upcoming general elections.


On Saturday,12th of January, Shakti met DMK working president MK Stalin in Chennai. Shakti has been asking all the political parties to increase the number of women candidates in their party, with only few days left for 2019 elections to take place.

In a petition signed, Shakti said about the extremely low representation of women candidates, which is lower than 9% in state assemblies, including in Tamil Nadu also and barely 11% representation in parliament.Petition said, “Shakti requests that DMK provide 50% tickets to women candidates in the upcoming 2019 general elections. We do understand the practical challenges thereof, and your commitment to increase the number of women Lok Sabha candidates significantly, even if not to 50%, would still be pioneering justice to Tamizh women’s political aspirations,”

“If parties take the lead and field 50% women candidates, even Women’s Reservation will be redundant”, said Badar Sayeed, ex-MLA and senior advocate of Madras High court.
Shakti was formed in December 2018, with a motive to ensure that women candidates get equal rights in the political field. On December 27, Shakti has organised a call-a-thon to urge members of parliament to support women’s reservation bill, which has been pending since 4.5 years in parliament.

Collective wants to meet all the political parties, and are waiting for the appointments to get cleared to have a meet with BJD, NCP, AAP, INC, BJP and CPI(M).