People’s life at sake in Amrapali.

Miserable condition of Amrapali Apartments.

Gaziabad: Amrapali Tower at Crossing Republic is in adverse condition and its building can even fall at any point of time. This tower is near national highway 24 in Gaziabad. More than 5000 people live in these apartments who are in dilemma because of the condition of this building. They even went to RWA for complaining about the issue regarding the maintenance of Amrapali Apartments. RWA said that they did not get the deposit for maintaining those Amrapali apartments.

There are many building near crossing republic which has many apartments but they are in still better condition and they are maintained in every 6 months. But maintenance of Amprapali has not been done since its made.

People said that they were concerned about the condition of their apartments , they regularly pay the maintenance bill but nothing has been done since.If the condition remains same they will have to leave the apartment soon and shift to some other place because it is unsafe to live here further now.

RWA has taken his hands off this project. They say that they are not responsible for any mishaps. The question arises is that where has all the maintenance money gone. If it is approved by RWA then why isnt it taking anycharge of the building or putting some action into place and is all these reasons enough to put so many people’s life on stake in danger. Certainly not. Someone needs to answer and make amendments. Police and government should look inn the matter soon before it gets too late.