Modi Interview: Answers ANI.

Prime Minister answering to ANI on Various Issues.

Our Prime Minister Narendra Modi gave an interview to ANI in which he addressed several issues. Among them were Rafale Deal, Farmers , on 2019 election plan, international visits to various nations, demonetisation ,GST and on Surgical strike on 1st of January 2019.

Modi said that 2018 was a very successful year according to him as many big decisions were taken during the year. When asked on the defeat in state elections he said he takes it positively as in some states where there was no sign of BJP earlier, he now has at-least some vote share. Also BJP is still winning in local body elections held in Haryana, Jammu Kashmir so it cannot be regarded as Modi wave in demolishing.

Talking of people choosing Congress again as an option Narendra Modi said that he is in favour of strong opposition but Congress has arrived because people did not have much choice. He favours the local parties more and says that local parties should be more capable and strong for a good democracy.

When asked for clarification on Rafale deal as Congress puts direct acquisition on Modi government for corruption and scam in the deal, he clarifies that he has already answered the matter in Parliament and also given clarification to Supreme court on this matter, asks media to ask for if Congress has any proof for putting such allegation.

Farmers have been dying continuously and not much amendments have been made for the farmers. Prime Minister said that he doesn’t feel that waving off loan for farmers is any solution. Whoever says that they will wave off loans for farmers is actually telling lies as this has been happening from many years but no amendment was seen. Rather we are trying to make our farmers more efficient and capable so that they do not have to take loans. For this the govt. has started many schemes and programs in 2018 including Fasal Bima yojna, soil head card, etc to improve the condition also creating awareness among the them how to make most use of their crops, this has increased the yield of crop but the govt. is still working on giving the farmers the correct price of the crop. The committee is working on it.

For international visits he clarifies it has been done in past years also when Dr. Manmohan Singh was the Prime minister but nobody noticed. Also the increase in number of Conferences and Global Submits has increased the visits.

Prime minister Modi said that Demonetisation was very important as there was a parallel economy running in India which had to stop for betterment of the nation. It was not a sudden thought, it was pre made plan and from a year before he had been saying to submit all the previous taxes and money. But people took it lightly so this step had to be taken. He added that GDP does fall whenever something like this on such a huge scale happens but it will be beneficial on a long term basis and GDP will come back and economy will boost when all comes to normal. He told that Black money of 3 lakh crores have come back from outside since demonetisation and government is trying its best to bring back people to have run away from the country with banks money.

GST was a important decision as earlier many taxes were taken from the public, including some hidden taxes. It was necessary to make a single simple formula for paying taxes so that people do not suffer and give taxes on different levels. Modi agreed that it is creating a bit problem for small businessmen and for that he is planning to rise the scale from 20 Crore to 75 Crore and take relevant steps soon.

The Prime Minister said that Surgical strike was a result of Oori Incident which took place in which many soldiers died and were burned, this created a huge disturbance in his mind. Hence he talked to the Army and noticed that they were more anxious and had this plan. It took them a while to plan everything and finally the surgical strike happened which was being reported to Modi on regular intervals. Everything was done clearly and with perfection. Not talking much he just indicated that surgical strike was just one step and our army is always efficient and ready.

Concluding the session he said that he is always ready to take any step for the betterment of the nation and does not care much about what opposition says. At the end he congratulated everyone on New year with warm regards.

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