Lockdown 3.0 :What are allowed? What are not?

extension in lockdown
extension in lockdown

On Friday the government has decided to extend the lockdown beyond march 3 for more two weeks. Central government has taken this decision after taking the consultation of states and experts. 

While the lockdown is now extended the government has provided many relaxations to different zone to resume economic activities. Prime minister wants to resume the economic activities which are stalled for more than one month. But the prime minister wants to resume the economic activities in a gradual manner.

There is a division of Country into three-zone, red, orange, and green zone. Different relaxation are now given to these zones to resume economic activities

What are allowed? What are not? under lockdown 3.0

  • E-commerce companies like Flipkart and Amazon can work fully functional in green and orange zone. Earlier they were allowed to sell only essential goods but now they can sell everything in orange and green zone but not in the red zone. They can only sell essential items in the Red zone. While most of the e-commerce executives welcome this government step. Some are critical to say, most of their business lies in the red zone.
  • Schools, malls, religious gatherings, cinema halls, restaurants will remain closed in all zones.
  • Air travel, metro, interstate travel is not allowed in all zones.
  • In the green zone movement of people and the opening of shops will be allowed. Buses will run with 50% seating capacity.
  • While in the orange zone, taxis and cab aggregators will be allowed. But only two people and a driver can seat in four-wheeler. On two-wheeler only one person is allowed to travel.
  •  And in the red-zone travel of people and shops will remain restricted. Only essential things will be allowed.
  •  Interstate movement of goods will be allowed. There will be no requirement of any pass.
  • People above 65, unhealthy people, pregnant women, children below 10 will have to stay at home. Only for health purposes they can go outside.
  •  Private office will be allowed to work with one-third of their employees. Government offices will work fully in their full scale.
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