Here’s something that employees are going to love


NEW DELHI: A bill has been proposed that employees have full right to disconnect phone calls and ignore emails after the work hours and also if they don’t want to answer the calls on the holiday, they are not liable to  give explanation to the office.

Section 7 of the Bill says, “Every employee shall have the right to disconnect call out of their work hours. “

Right to Disconnect means that if an employer tries to reach the employee after the office work hours, it is not mandatory for the employee to answer the call.  An employee has full right to disconnect the call and refuse to answer it. And if the call is disconnected the employee is not subject to any disciplinary action.

The authority is expected to consist of Minister of State, Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology as its Chairperson ex-officio and the Minister of State, Ministry of Communication and Ministry of Labour and Employment as the Vice-Chairmen ex-officio which will formulate all the terms and conditions that will be signed between the employees and employer.

“The Right to Disconnect” Bill 2018, was introduced by NCP MP Supriya Sule, seeks to establish an Employees’ Welfare Authority.  Presently, France is the only country in the world to have a legal provision allowing employees to refuse or not take calls and reply to emails after working hours.

The purpose of passing this bill is to respect the personal space of the employee out of work hours. 

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