Free Pacemaker for poor people suffering from Heart problem


Meerut: Relief for those poor and needy people who were suffering from slow heart beat. Jaswant Ray Speciality Hospital in association with Boston Cardiac Foundation is conducting a free camp for treating the poor patients suffering from slow heart beat problem by treating them with Pacemaker. This camp will be put on 12th February 2019.

Manager of the camp, senior heart specialist Dr.Rajeev Agarwal told that in last 18 years more than 350 poor people have been treated with pacemaker free of cost. Patients will be provided pacemaker, hospital charge, medicines and pathology tests all free of cost. After putting pacemaker medical follow up will also be given without any charge.

Patient’s pre examination will be done by Dr. Rajeev Agarwal and Dr. S.Kumar and pacemaker will be fitted by Dr. Salil Middha, Dr.Rajeev Agarwal and Dr. Rakesh Maurya. Heart Specialist Dr. Rajeev said that except for shiver, Other patients who cannot give so much money will also be operated with free pacemaker if needed.

Cost of putting one pacemaker is around one and a half lakh (1.5 Lakh). With help of Samaj Sayog ,15-20 people will also be treated in 2019. For registration poor patients can contact on 9837034842, 9927200310 and 9012100055 to have Pacemaker for free.