Man who attacked on police officer of Bulandsher during the mob violence of december 3 has been arrested. The man attacked the officer named Subodh Kumar Singh with axe and chopping off couple of fingers of the officer. The accused Prashant Natt who worked as an ola driver for about six months was arrested from the residence of his in laws in greater noida and the accused confessed of killing the officer. According to police Subodh has been attacked with stones , sticks and an axe before he was shot dead with a revolver.
The fellow officers tried taking Subodh to the hospital.
The accused of the incidence are Prashant Nutt , Kalua and Jonny.
Jonny was the person who snatched the officer’s revolver and Kalua was the person who attacked the police officer Subodh with an axe.
The police officer Subodh was targeted by a mob of more than 400 people hitting with stones. A local man of 20 years also died during this incident. The officer was shot and attacked when he and his team went to the village to defuse tension after cow carcasses.
Accused brother claimed that Natt is being made victim as police haven’t been able to attrest the main person behind the police officer killing.