Dense Fog Affects Air, Rail Traffic In Delhi.


By: Shradha Mehra

Dense fog and cold wave condition hits the national capital. As per Indian Metrological Dept. (IMD) shallow to moderate fog would continue to linger in the national capital today. Light rain or drizzle are expected on Jan 5 and Jan 6 with cloudy skies.

The IMD also predicted that the cold wave conditions at isolated pockets over eastern parts of central India and interior peninsular India are likely to continue during the next 24 hours.

Not only this the national capital also continued to reel under “severe air quality”. The Delhi’s Air Quality Index (AQI) observed the concentration of particulate matter of 2.5 under “severe” category. Today a total of 6 flights were cancelled and departures of flights resumed 2 hours after they were halted.

Among the affected passesngers due to delays lasting three house was “Ram Madhav”, the national general secretary of BJP was among thousands of passengers who took to micro blogging site twitter sharing the ordeal.

The flyers also complained that apart from being stuck at the runway several flyers were grounded due to non availability of parking space which created a mess at the airport.

Private airlines took this issue to social media about the delays. Vistara issued a series of statements in the morning.