Dengue Danger at Riverfront


LUCKNOW: Riverfront, a major tourist attraction and spot which has been made recently a few years ago has a lot of visitors daily. It is located on the banks of river Gomti in Lucknow. However after just a few months the maintenance was not done properly due to which lots of water plants grew on the side of the riverfront.

Also people threw packing of eatables and other products in the river which got stuck in that wild water growth in the stagnant waters of river Gomti. Mosquitoes and small insects grow in this area which causes diseases to occur in people visiting Riverfront especially Dengue.

It is a major place for youngsters and couples to walk and enjoy themselves. People don’t often notice mosquitoes biting them and take it in as very normal. These mosquitoes spread dengue and other diseases which affects people adversely.

There was a plan of making a boating area near on riverfront which was never started and the boating is broken and a part of the water growth. There used to be beautiful shower lightening system which used to start in the evening but within few months that also stopped and the setup was damaged due to absence of proper maintenance.

This issue goes unheard in the government ears and no action has been taken from past 8 months with continuous rise of dengue cases in the capital city.