CBI Chief Alok Verma loses his Job Again


CBI Chief Alok Verma rejected his new assignment as DG fire service, Civil Defence and Home Guard.Two days after he was conditional reinstated by Supreme Court as director of the central bureau of investigation.

Alok Verma was removed from the agency again by the high power selection committee with PM Narendra Modi. The fate of the 24 transfer order signed by Verma only the last two days wasn’t immediately clear, those backing Verma would like the public to believe he was thrown out of CBI by PM Narendra Modi because he was about to register a FIR on the Rafale deal.

Justice Sikri’s opinion matters most as a sitting judge was the Supreme Court representative on the panel and thus Verma ouster the apex courts stamps of approval.
Following his dismissal Verma claimed that he was transferred on the basis of false unsubstantiated and frivolous allegations made by only one person which was inimical to him.Meanwhile the charge of CBI has been given to additional director M.Nageshwar Rao.