Bharat Bandh: Country Strikes Back


Today was the last day of ‘Bharat Bandh’, and 7 protesters have lost their lives. Also a girl child died because of not getting a medical treatment on time.

The strike was started by workers on Tuesday in order to protest against the policies for anti-labour and farmers. But many trading organizations  rejected the proposal to join this strike and have a regular working day. Effect of Bharat Bandh strike is seen equally in states like Kerala, Tamil Nadu, Madhya Pradesh and Rajasthan.

But in New Delhi and NCR region traffic, schools and colleges ran on a daily basis and was not much effected by Bharat Bandh protest. Only because of a protest rally against price hike led by Congress chief Rahul Gandhi and Sonia Gandhi resulted in closing of colleges and some work spaces near the Ramlila Maidan in Delhi.

More farmers from different parts of the country might also join the strike after the farmer’s strike held in 2018. Last year a 10 day strike was started in the month of June, by farmers from most productive states like Punjab, Haryana, MP and Rajasthan. Their demand was to increase prices for their crop production. Because they were not paid enough amount of money to even wave off their loans.

The strikers will march their way to the parliament from Mandi house on the second day of nation-wide strike. The national highway connecting Delhi from other cities was blocked. Buses, trains, auto-rickshaw, and other public transports are being targeted. Government warned the drivers to wear a safety helmet for their protection. This incident happening before the elections may also effect on voter’s mind or some government action may take place soon.

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