72,400 assault rifles to obtain from US, for Indian soldiers.


India is all set to sign up a contract of ₹700 crore with US to acquire new rifles for frontline soldiers, under Fast-Track-Procurement(FTP) route.This contract is made to arm our forces with new set of weapons.

As officials said “Once the contracts are inked, the deliveries will take place within a year”. According to Defence Ministry Sources, in around week the contract with SiG Sauer for 7.62mm rifles will get signed. And a contract under Fast-Track-Procurement, for 93,895 close-quarter battle(CBQ) carbines, with Caracal is under process. Caracal is a UAE company.

The requirement of 7.62mm rifles is to replace the existing armours, which are glitch-prone 5.56mm INSAS.

In march of last year, Defence Ministry had issued the request for proposal for assault rifles to equip Indian soldiers at Pakistan and China border with them. The deficit of weapons for soldiers on foot will be met with fulfilment in next four or five years. In four or five years the Indian companies will tie up with foreign companies under ‘Make in India’ framework to produce armours in their own country.

Firstly, the demand for new weapons and carbines was made in the year 2005. But, for all over a decade the projects were postponed because of impracticable parameters.

Last year, Bipin Rawat publically declared that Army’s need for new assault rifles and CBQ carbines could not be fulfilled. Bipin Rawat is a General. This was because of limiting budget for defence sector.